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Projects in the field of Computational Pragmatics

  • Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge in Robots (ITALK)
  • Bot Colony
  • Words in Text (WIT)
  • Real Time Natural Language Generation (QUADS)
  • Syntax of dialogue
  • Character and Inference
  • Event based semantics for text generation
  • Discourse roles as antecedent sites for reference
  • A Net Environment for Embodied Emotional Conversational Agents (NECA)
  • Reasoning from Uncertain Premises
  • The Role of the Face in Face-to-Face Communication
  • Speech intelligibility 2
  • Local and Global Effects on the Comprehension of Pronouns
  • The reality and basis of individual differences in writing style
  • Thematic processes in anaphora resolution
  • Anaphora presupposition
  • Defeasible Lexical Semantics
  • Intonation, Conversational Games, and Dialogue
  • Event-based Semantics for Text Generation (STAGE)
  • Knowledge-Based Presentation of Information (WIP)
  • Vertical Study of Dialog
  • Pragmatics in Unification Grammar
  • Penn Discourse Treebank (PDTB)
  • Health Care Team Composition and Functioning: Team Communication and Decision Making
  • A computational and psychological model of discourse coherence
  • Multiword Expression Project (MWE)
  • Fragments in Dialogue