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Projects in the field of Spoken Language Dialogue

  • Adaptation and Learning for Assistive Domestic Vocal Interfaces (ALADIN)
  • Automated, Voice Controlled Telecommunication Systems and their Applications
  • NEgotiating trough SPOken Language in e-commerce (NESPOLE!)
  • Communication in Different Environments
  • Speech control modules for Entertainment, Navigation and communication Equipment in Cars (SENECA)
  • Natural Spoken Dialogue and Interactive Planning (TRAINS)
  • Preparing Future Multisensorial Interaction Research (PF-STAR)
  • Generic Environment for Multilingual Interactive Natural Interfaces (GEMINI)
  • Openbaar Vervoer Informatie Systeem (OVIS)
  • Flexible and Adaptive Spoken Language and Multi-Modal Interfaces (FASIL)
  • Speech Driven Interfaces for Consumer Applications (SPEECON)
  • Communication: speech quality in different communicative environments
  • Speech Driven Multimodal Automatic Directory Assistance (SMADA)
  • Co-ordination in child and adult dialogues
  • Mobile Learning and Language Technology (MELFA)
  • Interactive Learning, Self-Evaluation and Multimodal Technologies for Multidomain Spoken Dialog Systems (SD-TEAM)
  • Robust Speech Technologies for Information Systems in Slovak and their Diagnostics
  • Simple4All
  • Distant-speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications (DIRHA)