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Projects in the field of Text Data Mining

  • Automatic Monitoring for Cyberspace Applications (AMICA)
  • Text Mining on heterogeneous knowledge bases. An application to optimised discovery of disease relevant genetic variants (GOA) (BIOGRAPH)
  • Decentralised Information Ecosystem Technologies (DIET##2)
  • Web-based Intelligence for common-interest fiscal Networked Services (WINS)
  • Knowledge Discovery from Multiple Transportation Data Sources
  • Exploratory Data Analysis and Monitoring (EDAM)
  • The Disco Project (Disco)
  • Explanative Bewertungsanalyse für die Saarländische Hotellerie (BESAHOT)
  • Web Site Information Filter (WebSIFT)
  • for Linking Information for Novel Discoveries and Insight (LINDI)
  • AIR FOReCast in Europe (AIRFORCE)
  • Contextual interpretation of natural language through abductive reasoning and inductively acquired knowledge (Linguaduct)
  • Better Access to Information using Language Analysis and New Displays and Organizations (BAILANDO)
  • Advanced data mining and integration research for Europe (ADMIRE)
  • COntent Processing by Integrating Logical and Statistical Knowledge (COPILOSK)
  • XLike
  • TrendMiner (FP7-ICT )