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Projects in the field of Grammar Models and Formalisms

  • Grammar-Based Robust Natural Language Processing (GRAMPLUS)
  • Towards a Declarative Theory of Discourse (DTD)
  • Dynamic Interpretation in Natural Language (DYANA)
  • Ellipsis and Anaphor (ELAN)
  • The LKB system (LKB)
  • Local and Global Effects on the Comprehension of Pronouns
  • Hybrid models of language and processing
  • Hebrew Unification Grammar for Generationn of text (HUGG)
  • Linguistic Foundations for Computational Linguistics Linguistic Foundations for Computational Linguistics - A1 (SFB 340 - A1)
  • The Reusability of Grammatical Resources
  • Pragmatics in Unification Grammar
  • Innovationskolleg "Formal Models of Cognitive Complexity
  • Performance modelling for declarative grammars (PERFORM)
  • POEM