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Projects in the field of Lexicons

  • Natural Language Processing - Portal at the University of Klagenfurt (NLP - Portal)
  • Words in Text (WIT)
  • A New Framework for Concatenative Synthesis
  • Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resources and Systems (LIRICS)
  • The LKB system (LKB)
  • specialised english author training system (SEATS)
  • European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO)
  • Gates for an Enhanced Multilingual resource Access (GEMA)
  • Standards-based Access service to multilingual Lexicons and Terminologies (SALT)
  • Machine Translation Systems for the use of Czech, Hungarian and Polish (MATCHPAD)
  • Defeasible Lexical Semantics
  • the integrated language database (ILD)
  • EDR Electronic Dictionary
  • Universal Networking Language (UNL)
  • Translingual Information Management Using Domain Ontologies (TIDES)
  • Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora (Multext)
  • A Drafting Assistant for Technical Writers (DRAFTER)
  • Acquilex I and II
  • SpeechDAT
  • Lexicographer's workbench (EELex)