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Projects in the field of None

  • Detecting and Exploiting Semantic Overlap (DAESO)
  • Intelligent Technologies for Cultural Visits and Mobile Education (ITCH)
  • Japanese-English Translation Using Corpus-based Acquisition of Transfer rules (JETCAT)
  • The New Digital Media Challenges Facing Human Language Technologies (TEXT-MESS 2.0)
  • ACTISPELL : a real time and updated spellchecker for text professionals. (ACTISPELL)
  • Automatic structuring of raw texts for clustering and categorization (STRATEGO)
  • Analysis and evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under Resourced Areas of machine Translation (Accurat)
  • KomParse
  • SmartWeb
  • Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning (PASCAL2)
  • Tagging and Sharing Processing Tools and Resources (TagShare)
  • Computational Grammar for Deep Linguistic Processing of Portuguese (GramaXing)
  • VIE-LANG: a natural language understanding system (VIE-LANG)
  • Effective Search of Conceptual Patterns with Applications in Medical Informatics (EVTIMA)
  • Automata for deriving phoneme transcriptions of Dutch and Flemish names (AUTONOMATA)
  • Text processing technologies for Polish in application for public security purposes
  • Prototipo de verificación de mensajes para la enseñanza de idiomas (VERIFY)