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Hans Uszkoreit

title(s): Prof.
homepage: http://www.dfki.uni-sb.de/~hansu/
affiliated with organisation(s):
participated in project(s):
  • Esperonto
  • Pop-Eye
  • Bidirectional Linguistic Deduction (BiLD)
  • German Text Exploitation and Search System (GETESS)
  • Cooperative Schedule Managment Agent (COSMA)
  • Whiteboard
  • Development of a Multimedia Information Dissemination and Transaction Tool (Twenty-One)
  • Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for Natural Language Applications (DiET)
  • Knowledge Base for RTD competencies in IST (IST World)
  • Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards (EAGLES)
  • LinguisTic Interpretation of a GERman Corpus (TIGER)
  • Multilingual Tourist Information on the World Wide Web (MIETTA)
  • Dropping Knowledge (Dropping Knowledge)
  • The European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies (ELSNET)
  • Test Suites for Natural Language Processing (TSNLP)
  • Multi-Media Indexing and Searching Environment (MUMIS)
  • Language Processing Technologies for Slavic Languages (LaTeSlav)
  • Transnational Environmental Management Support & Information System (TEMSIS)
  • Performance modelling for declarative grammars (PERFORM MI 1)
  • A Multilingual Indexing Tool for Broadcast Material Based on Speech Recognition (OLIVE)
  • Distributed European Linguistic Resource Repository (RELATOR)
  • Concurrent Grammar Processing (NEGRA - EM6)
  • Multilinguale Konzepthierarchien zur Ordnung und Retrieval von medizinischen Informationen (MUCHMORE)
  • Flexible Language and Grammar Checking (FLAG)
  • Collaboration in LAnguage and Speech Science and Technology (CLASS)
  • Innovation at the Call-Center (ICC)
  • Parameterizable NL Discourse Core Engine (Paradice)
  • Reusability of Grammatical Resources (RGR)
  • Computational Linguistics and Language Technology for Real Life Applications (COLLATE)
  • Multi-lingual Summarisation Tool for the Internet (MUSI)
  • Parameterizable Domain-Adaptive Information and Message Extraction (PARADIME)
  • Technologies for the Multilingual European Information Society (T4ME)