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The Penn Treebank (PTB)

POS, skeletal syntactic bracketing, argument-predicate structure


syntactic trees, PTB Bracketing

PTB and then corrected by human annotators

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

The Penn Treebank Project annotates naturally-occuring text for linguistic structure. Most notably, he produces skeletal parses showing rough syntactic and semantic information -- a bank of linguistic trees. He also annotates text with part-of-speech tags, and for the Switchboard corpus of telephone conversations,dysfluency annotation.


The Penn Treebank (PTB) project selected 2,499 stories from a three year Wall Street Journal (WSJ) collection of 98,732 stories for syntactic annotation. These 2,499 stories have been distributed in both Treebank-2 (LDC1999T42) and Treebank-3 (LDC1999T42) releases of PTB. Treebank-2 includes the raw text for each story. Three "map" files are available in a compressed file via ftp and provide the relation between the 2,499 PTB filenames and the corresponding WSJ DOCNO strings in TIPSTER.


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 1 Million texts

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