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The International Corpus of English (ICE)

  • English

  • Monolingual

  • Syntax
  • Morphology
  • Semantics



syntactic dependencies, POS

  • The International Corpus of English (ICE)

  • POS-tagged Text Corpus

  • Written
  • Spoken

The International Corpus of English (ICE) began in 1990 with the primary aim of collecting material for comparative studies of English worldwide. Twenty research teams around the world are preparing electronic corpora of their own national or regional variety of English. Each ICE corpus consists of one million words of spoken and written English produced after 1989. For most participating countries, the ICE project is stimulating the first systematic investigation of the national variety. To ensure compatibility among the component corpora, each team is following a common corpus design, as well as a common scheme for grammatical annotation.

ICE corpora are available for non-commercial, academic research only.

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  • The International Corpus of English (ICE)