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METU- Sabanci Turkish Treebank (METU)



syntactic trees, syntactic dependencies, POS

  • Treebank
  • POS-tagged Text Corpus

METU-Sabanci Turkish Treebank is a morphologically and syntactically annotated treebank corpus of 7262 grammatical sentences. The sentences are taken form METU Turkish Corpus. The percentages of different genres in METU-Sabanci Turkish Treebank and METU Turkish Corpus were kept the similar. The structure of METU-Sabanci Turkish Treebank is based on XML. The distribution of the treebank also includes a user guide, a display program and related publications.


Turkish is an agglutinative language with free word order. Therefore, a dependency scheme was chosen to handle such a structure. Dependency links are put from words to inflectional groups of words.



The structure of METU-Sabanci Turkish Treebank is based on XML. Paragraphs, sentences and words are tagged by , and tags respectively. There are different attributes for each of the tags which hold information about number of sentences, number of words, morphological analyses, and dependency relations.

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