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US English Speech Recognition Database ---- (in-car)-300 Speakers (King-ASR-131)

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The US English in-car speech Recognition database was collected in America and contains the voices of 300 different native speakers (150±5%males, 150±5% females) who were balanced according to age (mainly 16 – 30,31 – 45,46 – 60), Gender and regional accents (for the details, please see the technical document).
The script was specially designed to provide material for both training and testing of many classes of speech recognizers which contains 16 general categories and more than 50 specific sub-categories. Each speaker was recorded under two of three driving environments (parked, city driving and highway driving) with recording conditions such as fan on/off and window up/down. Each speaker will be recorded 150 utterances and spontaneous utterances per environment and totally 300 utterances were recorded for each speaker.
Four high quality audio channels (C1: SHURE SM10A, C2: SENNHEISER ME104, F1: AKG Q400, F2: AKG Q400) and at least two popular cars in the country were used for the recording.
The speech data is stored as sequences of 16 kHz, 16 bit and is uncompressed and each prompted utterance is stored in a separate file and each signal file is accompanied by an ASCII SAM label file which contains the relevant descriptive information.
A pronunciation lexicon with a phonemic transcription in SAMPA is also included.
All the data was transcribed and labeled.

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The database was made for the Training and testing purpose of speech recognition systems for US English speech ASR applications