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The ParGram Grammar

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  • Norwegian
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  • Pargram Parallel Grammar Project

  • Grammar

The major goals of the project are the analysis and encoding of important and most generally occurring syntactic structures in German, and the development of parallel analyses for crosslinguistic phenomena (e.g., binding, control, modification). The parallel nature of the analyses is ensured through the concurrent development of German, English, Norvegian, and Japanese LFG-Grammars (cf. the LFG websites in Essex and Stanford). The project sites coordinate not only linguistic analysis among each other, but also the employment of means of abstraction (the feature system, templates, macros). An achievement of broad coverage and at the same time efficient processing is a further goal, so experiences in the encoding of large grammars are also being gathered and methods of Grammar Engineering are developed and applied. Possible practical uses for the project can be found in the areas of machine translation, computer aided teaching, and the implementation of grammar checkers. source:

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