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You are here: Home kb Information & Knowledge Technologies Word Sense Disambiguation

Word Sense Disambiguation

COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS 24:1, Special issue on Word Sense Disambiguation
MIT Press, 1998 JOURNAL.

Computers and the Humanities 34 (1-2), Special Issue on SENSEVAL
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000. ISSN 0010-4817 JOURNAL.

Proceedings of SENSEVAL2.
David Yarowsky.

Word Sense Disambiguation is a subtask of semantic tagging, which consists of assigning a semantic class (sense) to a lexical item as specified by a semantic lexicon. If the semantic lexicon specifies more than one sense for a particular lexical item, a disambiguation procedure is needed to decide upon the most appropriate sense(s) for any given instance of the lexical item in text. WSD is not a self-contained application, but it may be included as an integrated part of a semantic processor.