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Automatic Hyperlinking

Automatic Link Generation

XML and NLP: Their interaction and their role for HLT Applications. Declerck Thierry and Peter Wittenburg. Proceedings of the First NLP and XML Workshop. Tokyo. 2001.

  • TNO Multimedia and Telecommunications

  • System for automatic Hyperlinking and Organisation of knowledge on the Web (SHOW)

Automatic hyperlinking is the insertion of hyperlinks into text documents by automatic means. The automatic hyperlinking process consists of the identification of hyperlinkable entities (concepts, named entities) in the original text, and the assignment of link targets for each such entity. Named entity recognition is often used for identifying linkable entities, for example geographical locations or organisation names. The assignment of link targets depends on a database with link targets for each entity. In general, there can be several link targets for each entity, for example for a company: its homepage, a map, a stock quote etc. Multiple outgoing hyperlinks from one target are supported by the W3C standard XLINK/XPointer. Automatic hyperlinking is an important technology for enabling the Semantic Web.