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Relevant Sources

The Computational Semantics Book
Ongoing Research in Machine Translation
The Translation Guide
Statistical natural language processing and corpus-based computational linguistics: An annotated list of resources
John Sowa's Ontology Web Site
Final Report, Language Identification in Multilingual Systems
Efficiency in Large-scale Parsing Systems - Parser Comparison
Emergent Computation -- A Link Collection
Message Understanding Conferences Series (MUC)
Survey of Grammar Models
Technology Background Info - John Hutchins on MT and computer-based translation tools
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science , Binding
LREC workshops
Technical Papers & Resources
HPSG Gazette
WordNet Bibliography
comp.speech FAQ section on Speaker Recognition
Kernel Machines
CLEF Cross-Language SDR Track
Intelligente Informationsextraktion
Bookmarks for Corpus-based Linguists
Dragomir Radev's Summarization Page
Untangling Text Data Mining
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas (AMTA)
Optimal Syntax (OT-LFG)
Information Retrieval Links
Ontology Portal
The Blizzard Challenge
Knowledge Discovery, Genomic Mining, Web Mining (KDnuggets)
Clustering Resources
Categorial Grammar Homepage
A Bibliography on Spatial Reasoning
Hutchins' Compendium of Translation software
Speech Recognition Workshop Proceedings
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science , Minimalism
"WordNets in the World"
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science, Generative Grammar
LDC/COCOSDA Interactive Speech Synthesis Comparison site
Systemic Newsletter
Machine Translation : An Introductory Guide
MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science , X-Bar Theory
Hidden Markov Models
Systemic Page
Essex LFG web site
Finite-state automata (FSA) and directed acyclic word graphs (DAWG)
Speech Retrieval Resources
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics (IJCL)
Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
Stephen Wan's Summarization Resources Web Site
Wikipedia: Information Retrieval
HPSG and Grammar Engineering
comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Cross-Language Information Retrieval Resources
Introduction to Information Extraction Technology
Slavic Languages in Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar
Categorization Resources
Introduction to Language Technology
Logic Programming
Neural-Nets FAQ
Maximum Entropy Online Resources
DEXA'98 Proceedings
LTAG Semantics of Focus
Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
Natural Language Generation Systems
Principle of maximum entropy
User Interfaces and Visualization - Chapter in Modern Information Retrieval
Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval
Dialogue system related links
comp.speech FAQs
The Soldiers are in the Coffee -- An Introduction to Machine Translation
Support Vector Machines: The Book
Information Filtering Resources
MUC7 Proceedings
LINC 2000
A Bibliography on Temporal Reasoning and Related Papers
Cryptography FAQ
Interactive HPSG bibliography
Martin Kay: Machine Translation: The Disappointing Past and Present
LIMSI 1994 Scientific Report on Language Identification
HPSG server at The Ohio State University
Amit's List of Spatial Reasoning Resources
Topic Maps
Joan Bresnan's Unofficial Links and Notes on LFG/OT
Text Data Mining at the University of Texas
What is Computational Linguistics?
IR Resources
Automatic Language Identification Bibliography
Dialogue Systems
Stanford LFG web site
LSA Related Sites
LINC 1999
Meeting of Interest Group on Evaluation of Broad-Coverage Grammars of English (PARSEVAL)
CORPORA List Hypermail Archive
SIGGEN: Who's who in NLG
Proceedings on the First Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT 2002)
Guidelines for ToBI Labelling
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