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Dependency Grammar

Dependency Syntax: Theory and Practice.
Melcuk, Igor A. SUNY Press. Albany NY. 1988.

A Functional Approach to Syntax In Generative Description of Language.
Petr Sgall and Nebesky, Ladislav and Goralicova, Alla and Hajicova, Eva

  • Richard Hudson
  • Joakim Nivre
  • Sylvain Kahane
  • Petr Sgall
  • Igor Melcuk
  • Geert-Jan M. Kruijff
  • Thomas M. Groß
  • Stanley Starosta
  • Pasi Tapanainen

Dependency Grammar" stands for a collection of approaches to natural language grammar sharing the following fundamental characteristics: The distinction between heads and dependents; the immediate modification of a head by a dependent (i.e. without intervening nonterminals like in phrase-structure grammar); and, the naming of the relation between a head and a dependent. Approaches can be differentiated mainly according to whether they consider grammatical or semantic relations (e.g. "subject" vs. "Actor"), and whether the grammar describes tree-structures or graphs.