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Lexicons for Constraint-Based Grammars

Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
Cole, Ronald and Mariani, Joseph and Uszkoreit, Hans and Varile, G. B. and Zaenen, Annie and Zampolli, Antonio and Zue, Victor W.
Cambridge University Press. Cambridge. 1997

  • Emily M. Bender
  • Lars Hellan
  • Daniel P. Flickinger
  • Stephen Wechsler
  • John A. Carroll
  • Dorothee A. Beermann
  • Frank van Eynde
  • Alex Lascarides
  • Melanie Siegel
  • Anthony Davis
  • Valeria de Paiva
  • Gosse Bouma
  • Ted Briscoe
  • Cleo Condoravdi
  • Julia Neu
  • Valia Kordoni
  • Frederik Fouvry
  • Jean-Pierre Koenig
  • Antonio Sanfilippo
  • Ann Copestake
  • Gertjan Van Noord

  • Projects of the CSLI LinGO Lab

  • LinGO Grammar Matrix
  • The LKB System
  • Deep Linguistic Processing with HPSG - DELPHIN RESSOURCES
  • incr tsdb()
  • Acquilex Software

lexicons which provide rich information about morphological syntactic and semantic properties of words and are developed in unification- and constraint- based grammar formalisms which encode lexical descriptions as feature structures which have a clear mathematical and computational interpretation and constitute ideal data structures for complex word knowledge information encoding.


Constraint-based Grammar Lexicons