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Evaluation of Machine Translation and Translation Tools

The IAMT Certification initiative and defining translation system categories. John Hutchins (2000)


WK2953 Consumer-Oriented Guide to Quality Assurance in Translation and Localization. ASTM International (2005)


Tools and standards aimed at evaluation of human translations. ITR International Translation Resources Ltd.

  • SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric Task Force

  • Framework for the Evaluation of Machine Translation in ISLE (FEMTI)

The growing number of MT systems on the market that span a wide range of quality levels has motivated activities towards evaluation standards from national and international organizations. Evaluation of MT systems depends strongly on whether such a system is used for information dissemination, assimilation, or in a conversational context, the types of texts to be translated, whether there is a well-defined and limited application domain and many more factors.

Evaluation of MT; MT Evaluation; Evaluation of MT Systems;