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    Patents in the field of Presentation and Visualisation

    • Method and Device for Interface for Extraction and Display of Information
    • Method and system for two-dimensional visualization of an information taxonomy and of text documents based on topical content of the documents
    • Visualization and classification method of information
    • Systems, tools, and methods for viewing textual documents, extracting knowledge therefrom and converting the knowledge into other forms of representation of the knowledge
    • Multiple engine information retrieval and visualization system
    • Method for automatic classification of document, method for visualization of information space, and information retrieval system
    • Information visualization method, information visualization system and recording medium
    • Visualization display system for information retrieving device
    • Visualization of information using graphical representations of context vector based relationships and attributes
    • Retrieval information visualization system
    • Information processing system and method and computer program
    • Systems and methods for generating prediction queries