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    Patents in the field of Multimedia Retrieval

    • System and method for indexing videos based on speaker distinction
    • Multimedia Retrieval Method using Multi Weighted Feature
    • Apparatus, system and method for automated and adaptive digital image/video surveillance for events and configurations using a rich multimedia relational database
    • Multimedia information retrieval system and method including format conversion system and method
    • Method and system of representing musical information in a digital representation for use in content-based multimedia information retrieval
    • Hypervideo: information retrieval using time-related multimedia
    • Method and system for storage and retrieval of multimedia objects by decomposing a tree-structure into a directed graph
    • Device and Method for preparing Multimedia Information including Retrieval Information and Program Recording Medium
    • Multimedia information retrieval system and program
    • General Purpose Remote Control Permitting Modality of Natural Language with Respect to Retrieval and Request of Television and Multimedia
    • Data Composing Device for Retrieving Multimedia Data, Multimedia Storage Device, and Multimedia Retrieval Device and Storage Medium
    • Multimedia memorandum system and method for recording and reproducing multimedia memorandum
    • Retrieval method and system of multimedia database
    • Multimedia information retrieval and display
    • Multimedia Information integrated Retrieval Device and its Method
    • Contents-based multimedia retrieval system using color distortion information
    • Method and apparatus for providing information by using context extracted from multimedia communication system
    • Instantly indexed databases for multimedia content analysis and retrieval
    • Retrieval Device for Multimedia Data Base
    • Multimedia document retrieval by application of multimedia queries to a unified index of multimedia data for a plurality of multimedia data types
    • Annotation of an image based on associated data
    • Content retrieval method for multimedia
    • Scheme for multimedia data retrieval using event names and time/location information
    • Systems and methods for providing multimedia information management
    • Method for fuzzy logic rule based multimedia information retrival with text and perceptual features
    • Tool for automatically mapping multimedia annotations to ontologies
    • Facilitation of hypervideo by automatic IR techniques utilizing text extracted from multimedia document in response to user requests
    • Retrieval Control System for Multimedia Information
    • Method and system for storage and retrieval of multimedia objects
    • Multimedia contents retrieval system
    • Semi-automatic annotation of multimedia objects
    • Multimedia Information Retetrieval Device