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    Patents in the field of Clustering

    • Method and apparatus for detecting pagination constructs including a header and a footer in legacy documents
    • Method and Apparatus for Characterizing Documents based on Clusters of Related Words
    • Latent semantic clustering
    • Document clustering methods, document cluster label disambiguation methods, document clustering apparatuses, and articles of manufacture
    • System for searching information by hierarchical and conceptual clustering and method thereof
    • Self-organized concept search and data storage method
    • Method for search result clustering
    • Autonomous knowledge discovery system and method
    • Device and method for clustering identical and similar commodity using vector document model
    • Clustered Patterns for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
    • Phrase-based generation of document description
    • Automatic subspace clustering of high dimensional data for data mining applications
    • Storing data mining clustering results in a relational database for querying and reporting
    • Clustering Web Queries
    • Method for automated document selection
    • Method for learning and combining global and local regularities for information extraction and classification
    • System and method for automatically classifying documents according to category learning and term clustering using gene algorithm
    • Device and method for clustering documents or patterns, computer program, and computer
    • Document-clustering device, clustering method, and clustering program
    • Generating representative exemplars for indexing, clustering, categorization and taxonomy
    • Method for selecting feature of cluster by using entropy weighting and svd