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    Patents in the field of HMM Methods

    • Hierarchical subband linear predictive cepstral features for HMM-based speech recognition
    • Decoding multiple HMM sets using a single sentence grammar
    • Adapting a hidden Markov sound model in a speech recognition lexicon
    • HMM Device
    • Output Probability Computation Control Method of Continuously Distributed Type Hidden Markov Model (HMM), Table Generating Method and Voice Recognition Device
    • Learning Device of HMM
    • Method and apparatus for providing improved HMM POS tagger for multi-word entries and factoids
    • Combined quantized and continuous feature vector HMM approach to speech recognition
    • Parallel Estimating Method for HMM Parameter
    • Method and system to scale down a decision tree-based hidden markov model (hmm) for speech recognition
    • Compressing HMM prototypes
    • HMM parameter learning method and device therefor
    • HMM Forming Device
    • Learning Device for HMM
    • Method and system for generating and searching an optimal maximum likelihood decision tree for hidden markov model (hmm) based speech recognition
    • Method of calculating HMM output probability and speech recognition apparatus
    • Automatic text-independent, language-independent speaker voice-print creation and speaker recognition
    • Method and Device for Accumulating Transformations for Hierarchical Linear Regression HMM Adaption
    • HMM Generator
    • Source normalization training for HMM modeling of speech
    • Unsupervised HMM adaptation based on speech-silence discrimination