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Projects in the field of Language Technology

  • Statistical Relational Learning of Natural Language (STARLING)
  • TST Tools for Dutch as Web services in a Workflow (TTNWW)
  • Prague Arabic Dependency Treebank (PADT)
  • Intercorp
  • Corpus-based speech synthesis for Estonian
  • Estonian Emotional Speech Corpus (EEKK)
  • Mobility, Language and Embodied Practices as Re- sources for Social Action in Face-to-Face and Mobile Phone Interaction in Cars (Talk & Drive)
  • Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology (HFST)
  • A Treebank for Finnish (FinnTreeBank)
  • Extraction et représentation de connaissances (ORPAILLEUR)
  • Analyse, Percception et Reconnaissance automatique de la parole (PAROLE)
  • Center for Next Generation Localisation (CGNL)
  • Speech Translation Advanced Research to and from Portuguese (PT-STAR)
  • WordNet PortControl - CLG-Controlled Portuguese
  • Linguistic Modelling for Translation Engineering (LETRADU)
  • The New Digital Media Challenges Facing Human Language Technologies (TEXT-MESS 2.0)
  • Text Mining on heterogeneous knowledge bases. An application to optimised discovery of disease relevant genetic variants (GOA) (BIOGRAPH)
  • Bulgarian Treebank (BulTreeBank)
  • Prosody of English Dialects
  • Semantic Morphological Parser
  • Tecnologia de Reconhecimento e Síntese de Voz (Tecnovoz)
  • A talking and drawing robot for children with communicative disabilities (TRIK)
  • Platform for online sharing of training data and building user tailo- red machine translation (Let's MT!)
  • Effective Multilingual Interaction in Mobile Environments (EMIME)
  • Sharing Capability in Localisation and Human Language Technologies (SCALLA)
  • Language Technologies (EUROMAP HOPE)
  • Mediterranean Arabic Language and Speech Technology (MEDAR)
  • Phonetics Beyond the Basics (Phon2)
  • Norwegian Documentation Centre for Language Technology (NORSKDOK)
  • Sign Language Recognition, Generation and Modelling with Applica- tion in Deaf Communication (DICTA-SIGN)
  • Medienintensive Lehrinhalte in der Computerlinguistik-Ausbildung (MiLCA)
  • Language Archive
  • Icelandic Documentation Centre for Language Technology (
  • Kompetenzzentrum Computerlinguistik (KCL)
  • Multilingual and Multimedia Tool on Environment, Town and Country Planning, Building and Architecture (MULETA)
  • Tagging and Sharing Processing Tools and Resources (TagShare)
  • Dansk dokumentationscenter (DandokCenter)
  • Icelandic Documentation Centre for Language Technology (isldok)
  • Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning (LTfLL)
  • Swedish Language Technology Information Centre (SLATE)
  • A Cognitive Theory of Graphical Communication (IPGRAPH)
  • Language Technology Documentation Centre in Finland (FiLT)
  • Norwegian Documentation Center for Language Technology
  • Linguistic Anchoring of Digital Archives (LingAnchor)
  • Language Technologies (EUROMAP HOPE)
  • Computational Grammar for Deep Linguistic Processing of Portuguese (GramaXing)
  • COntrastive Linguistics and LAnguage Typology in Europe (CoLLaTe)
  • Versatile InfoRmation Toolkit for end-Users oriented Open-Sources explOitation. (VIRTUOSO)
  • Judicial Management by Digital Libriaries Semantics (JUMAS)
  • AUthomatic THEsaurus COnstruction (AUTHECO)
  • Corpus based speech synthesis
  • Danish Text-to-Speech Synthesis
  • Spoken Language Interaction in Telecommunication (COST Action 278)
  • Future Adaptive Communication Environment (FACE)
  • Danish CLARIN
  • Open Source Morphologies (Omor)
  • Traitement Automatique des Langues: Représentations, Inférences, et Sémantique. (TALARIS)
  • A German infrastructure for Language Resources and Tools (D-SPIN)
  • Focus on Actions in Social Talk; Network-Enabling Technology (FastNet)
  • Automatic Translation into Sign Language (ATLAS)
  • Information search engine for multilingual audiovisual contents (BUCEADOR)
  • Herramientas y tecnologías para el impulso de las tecnologías de la lengua (BERBATEK)
  • Continuous Access To Cultural Heritage (CATCHPlus)
  • Experience-oriented Sharing of health knowledge via Information and Communication Technology (ESICT)
  • Robot compagnon pour enfants fragilisés (EMOTIROB)
  • Mobile Broadband Access to the Semantic Web (SmartWEB)
  • Child-computer Interaction Techniques: Exploring the Prosody
  • COntent Processing by Integrating Logical and Statistical Knowledge (COPILOSK)
  • UAM
  • Robust Speech Technologies for Information Systems in Slovak and their Diagnostics
  • Speech Technologies for Modern Telecommunication and Information Systems and Services
  • Intelligent, Interactive and Multilingual Text Mining based on Hu- man Language Technologies (TEXT-MESS)
  • Identification and Representation of Multi-word Expressions (IRME)
  • Language Technology for eLearning
  • Multi-Lingual Content Synchronisation with WIKIS (COSYNE)