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  • University of Patras
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras
  • University of Iasi
  • University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" of IASI
  • University of Belgrade
  • Bilkent University
  • Balkan WordNet (BALKANET)

BalkaNet aims at building a multilingual lexical database consisting of WordNets in several
Central and Eastern European languages. Even though it will be built in a similar way with
EuroWordNet, new features will be implemented ranging from structuring the Inter-Lingual-
Index to ensure linking of conceptual equivalencies across WordNets to the development of
an inter-networked WordNet Management so that each partner retains full responsibility and
independence of his local WordNet whereas at the same time they will be able to view other
WordNets and check their compatibility.

  • Greek
  • Moldavian
  • Romanian
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • Turkish

  • Multilingual

  • Semantics
  • Lexicology Lexicography
  • Real World Knowledge

  • Thesauri WordNets


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