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Language Technology News for 2002

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Data Mining - New software instantly connects key bits of data that once eluded teams of researchers
The data-mining algorithms of ClearForest, based in New York City, are at work within Israeli security agencies. Israel uses them to drill for hidden connections among suspected terrorists.
Dutch Dependency Treebank available
The web-site contains the Alpino Treebank. The treebank contains syntactically annotated Dutch sentences.
Voice holds the key
Speech recognition has always been something of a holy grail for the hi-tech industry. For years the technology has promised much but
The European Commission has published the first calls calls for the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)
Potential participants, such as research centres, universities and enterprises are asked to come forward for the first round of calls and benefit from the five billion euro budget that has been allocated.
Connexor Wins an OEM Deal with Crawdad
Connexor, a leading provider of multilingual language technology, today announced that it has entered an OEM license agreement with Crawdad Technologies. Connexor Machinese analyzers will be used in Crawdad's text modeling applications.
iNetgen Licenses Mohomine Resume Extraction Technology for Its Human Resource Management Solution
iNetgen will license and integrate Mohomine's Resume Extractor (mRE) technology into its ALCHEMUS software application to capture candidate information from resumes. The software provides better service to valued applicants.
TTS modern language learning with Softease
Softease, an innovative educational software publisher based in the UK, has chosen Elan text to speech to enable students of all ages to hear and learn foreign languages, using Textease Language Packs.
OPEN SCAN® Integrates the ScanSoft Capture Development System with Automated Exception
ScanSoft, Inc. has selected the ScanSoft® Capture Development System to add highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to its Open Key™ and Dynamic Template™ solutions.
Honda Unveils Improved Humanoid Robot
Honda Motor Co. may have come up with the most attentive and perhaps honest car dealer ever in its robot Asimo. The robot already knew how to walk, climb stairs and recognize voices. The upgraded version also understands human gestures and movements.
Nuance Launches Speech Certification Program
The Program offers an impartial measure of a candidate's knowledge and ultimately helps to ensure the overall success of a speech solution implementation.
Babel releases Brightspeech
Babel has increased its development efforts to progressively cover the 18 languages it currently supports with its existing and established TTS solution, Babil. Babel Technologies will also be delivering BrightSpeech for RISC based mobile platforms.
Language Technology in Agribusiness Manufacturing
Think Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs. Add Cyrus McCormick, John Deere and Benjamin Holt.
New Journal to be published by Kluwer
Kluwer is taking on as a new journal Research on Language and Computation. The journal is devoted to the publication of high level research papers on issues in the interface of logic,linguistics, formal grammar and computational linguistics.
Autonomy Announces Significant Agreement with One of World's Largest Telecommunications Groups
Telecom Italia is one of the world's foremost telecommunications groups. Autonomy will form an integral part of its commitment to continual learning and professional development.
Lucent Technologies to supply three new customers with enhanced Media Server
Lucent Technologies announced that three more companies have integrated the Lucent Technologies EXS® media server into their network solutions, enabling them to offer next-generation voice and data services to their customers.