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Language Technology News for 2005

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New contents are provided biweekly. Please email any relevant news to .

0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 195 210 225 240 255 270 285 300 315 330 poll: Google the best of the Web
Nearly 18,000 users voted in the three-week online survey, part of Spark's look at the Web's defining moments since Tim Berners-Lee launched the multimedia branch of the Internet in 1990.
Anatolian leopard roars again: Pardus 1.0 released - desktop oriented Linux distribution, with fully support of the Turkish language
The most remarkable components of Pardus are ÇOMAR, the COnfiguration MAnageR, and PiSi (Packages installed Successfully, as intended), the package manager.
Predicting 2006 on Translation and Translation Techology
Chinese was already one of the hottest languages in the translation industry this year. But next year it will get hotter. Chinese is the "it" language in 2006 (and beyond).
Bikes, books, bilingual dolls top psychiatrist's list
The younger you are, the easier it is to learn a foreign language. Start your kids early with Language Littles. Each bilingual 16" doll comes with a translation booklet and speaks a variety of phrases in English and his or her "native" language. Other dolls speak Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, and Chinese, Japanese and English.
Welcome to the future of the Web
Think about this: Ten years ago, a group of technology experts sat down and envisioned the future of the internet. They imagined the ubiquity of e-mail, that the web would be home to a giant auction house, and that phones would be able to access tiny versions of the online world.
Global Graphics signs further PDF agreement with Japanese software giant
Global Graphics announced that it has signed a further contract with Justsystem Corporation, one of Japan's largest developers and suppliers of software, under which Justsystem will private label Global Graphics' PDF creation, viewing and manipulation products to create a new product for the Japanese market. Justsystem PDF Suite silently installs the Japanese language versions of Jaws PDF Creator and Jaws PDF Editor onto the users desktop.
Open Dictionary Project
Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary was launched on Sept. 26, 2005. The new feature enables Merriam-Webster Online visitors to submit words and definitions that are not already entered in the dictionary and to browse or search those submitted by others. We encourage users to submit words that they've actually seen or heard used by someone else and to provide information about where they encountered the word.
Computerworld Singapore asks leading members of the Singapore IT community about their priorities for 2006
The infocomm sector will continue to play an important role in Singapore’s economic growth and competitiveness. In 2004, the revenue of the ICT industry in Singapore was $34.8 billion, a 6 per cent increase from $32.8 billion in 2003.
Linguamatics to aid in AstraZeneca's drug discovery
Linguamatics announced that AstraZeneca PLC has extended its license agreement for continued access to an intelligence network-based text mining solution for the analysis of research and other literature provided by Linguamatics in combination with the intelligence network provider, BioWisdom.
New Release: TextTransformer 1.0.0
The newly released product TextTransformer 1.0.0 presents itself after three-year development time as a mature developer tool for the construction of individual programs for the analysis, extraction and transformation of texts. The program offers a visual development environment (IDE) with an integrated parser-generator, a c++ interpreter and a debugger.
Global Information Operations Conference breaks ground in business, commercial, and competitive intelligence
discount for corporate participants in the Global Information Operations Conference that will take place in Washington, D.C. from 17-19 January 2006.
answers to rely on the kindness-and knowledgeability-of strangers
Search, its Web search engine that competes with Google.
VOCEL'S exciting new interactive technology lets consumers learn new languages on the go via Living Language Inc.
Vocel and Living Language have partnered to put interactive language learning in consumers' pockets via mobile phones. Offered by major mobile phone carriers, and powered by Vocel's innovative interactive push technology, Living Language mobile phone lessons are now being delivered to consumers on their own time, anywhere they are with full audio pronunciation of hundreds of words.
Gensym to launch unified Reasoning Suite; latest release of integrates full spectrum of reasoning capabilities
Gensym Corporation announced the immediate availability of version 8.2 of its flagship G2(R) real-time rule engine platform. G2 8.2 delivers a comprehensive and unified foundation for a wide range of reasoning-driven products and solutions available from Gensym and its partners.
Semantic Web, here we come: Structured Blogging Initiative
A consortium of young companies declared their support this week for building categories into web sites that would make them more easily searched and combined. The “Structured Blogging Initiative” is an attempt to jump-start the “semantic web,” the idea of giving deeper meaning to the Internet.