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Center for Sprogteknologi (CST)

homepage: http://www.cst.dk
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Ministry for Science, Technology, and Innovation
headed by person(s):
  • Bente Maegaard
location: 2300 Copenhagen S
country: Denmark
has investigated project(s):
  • Translation Quality for Professionals (TQPRO)
  • HLT Opportunity Promotion in Europe (HOPE)
  • SME Language Consulting Center (LCC)
  • International Standards for Language Engineering (ISLE)
  • Translation Router (TransRouter)
  • Preparatory Action for Linguistic Resources Organisation for Language Engineering (PAROLE)
  • Language Technologies (EUROMAP HOPE)
  • Statistical Dependency-Based Machine Translation (SDMT)
  • OntoWeb
  • European National Activities for Basic Language Resources (ENABLER)
  • Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards (EAGLES)