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Spoken Language Dialogue Systems and Components (DISC)

theme: A set of best-practice guidelines for the development and evaluation of Spoken Language Dialog Systems (SLDSs)
homepage: http://www.disc2.dk/
start date: 1997-06-01 00:00
end date: 2000-12-31 00:00
coordinated by person(s):
  • Niels Ole Bernsen
participating person(s):
  • Ulrich Heid
  • Jan van Kuppevelt
  • Patrick Paroubek
  • Lori Lamel
  • Paul Heisterkamp
  • Mariken Broekhoven
  • Nino Luz
  • Laila Dybkjær
  • Simon Thornton
  • Hans Kamp
  • Merete Bertelsen
  • Steven Krauwer
  • Inger Karlsson
  • Niels Ole Bernsen
supported by:
organized by:
linguistic area(s):
  • Lexicology Lexicography
  • Phonetics
applied in:
  • Dialogue System
  • Speech Interface