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Projects in the field of Computational Semantics

  • Linguistic Foundations for Computational Linguistics Linguistic Foundations for Computational Linguistics - A1 (SFB 340 - A1)
  • An integrated account of inference and cohesion-establishment in discourse processing
  • Domains for Grammatical Theory and Natural Language Processing - A8 Domains for Grammatical Theory and Natural Language Processing (A8)
  • Character and Inference
  • for Linking Information for Novel Discoveries and Insight (LINDI)
  • Processing Information in Dynamic Environments
  • A framework for computational semantics (FraCaS)
  • Linguistische Inferenz fuer die Semantische Auswertung (LISA)
  • Semaduct
  • Analysis and Computation of Quantification and Anaphora using Dynamic Semantics (QUADS)
  • Computational Semantics Computational Semantics - B9 (B9)
  • Exploiting Semantics Alternative Sets
  • Semantic Analysis in a Modular System (SAMOS)
  • Computational Syntax and Semantics at New York University
  • Fragments in Dialogue
  • Event based semantics for text generation
  • Integrating social and representational aspects of problem solving across the highschool curriculum
  • Data Intensive Semantics
  • Focusing and relationship between events in discourse
  • Partial Parsing and the Acquisition of Lexical Syntax and Semantics (B7)
  • Prepositions: space, time, truth-conditions metaphor
  • IPHIN/ Structure of drawing
  • Multiword Expression Project (MWE)
  • Dynamic Interpretation of Natural Language (DYANA II)
  • Dynamic Interpretation in Natural Language (DYANA)
  • Knowledge-Based Presentation of Information (WIP)
  • Constraint-Based Semantics Project
  • Communication in Safety Cases (FRiSC)