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Projects in the field of Grammars

  • A Drafting Assistant for Technical Writers (DRAFTER)
  • Grammatical Models Group: A Modern Grammar of Dutch (MGD) (MGD)
  • Domain-Specific Languages
  • Visual Interactive Analysis (VIA)
  • The LKB system (LKB)
  • Generation Bank
  • The use of language tools for writers in the context of learning Swedish as a second language
  • Distributed European Linguistic Resource Repository (RELATOR)
  • A Platform for Advanced Grammar Engineering (PAGE)
  • Machine Translation Systems for the use of Czech, Hungarian and Polish (MATCHPAD)
  • Projects of the CSLI LinGO Lab
  • Multiword Expression Project (MWE)
  • CrossCheck
  • An LFG Syntax-Semantics Interface for Frame Semantic Processing (LFG4SALSA)
  • Multilingual Personalised Information Objects (M-PIRO)
  • Computational Linguistics In Flanders (CLIF)
  • Grammar Adaptation, Evolution and Learning (GRAEL)