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Projects in the field of Information Extraction

  • A Multilingual Information Environment for Travel and Tourism Applications (MIETTA-II)
  • Parameterizable Domain-Adaptive Information and Message Extraction (PARADIME)
  • Question Answering Collections (QA-Trec)
  • World Wide Knowledge Base (WebKB) (WebKB)
  • Knowledge Base for RTD competencies in IST (IST World)
  • Source Media Authoring Resources and Tools (SMART)
  • BioMedical Text and Language Applications (BioTALA)
  • Hybrid language processing technologies for a personal associative information access and management application (HyLaP)
  • Interactive Dynamic Information Extraction (IDEX)
  • Multilinguale Konzepthierarchien zur Ordnung und Retrieval von medizinischen Informationen (MUCHMORE)
  • HLT Opportunity Promotion in Europe (HOPE)
  • KnowItAll
  • Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora (Multext)
  • AIR FOReCast in Europe (AIRFORCE)
  • Annotation of Documents using Examples (ANNOCLASS)
  • Kernel Methods for Images and Text (KERMIT)
  • KnowMore
  • Text Retrieval, Extraction and Summarisation for Large Enterprises (TRESTLE)
  • Automatic creation of structured archives (ASTRA)
  • Quetal
  • Web-based Intelligence for common-interest fiscal Networked Services (WINS)
  • Genome Information Extraction (GenIE)
  • Multilingual Tourist Information on the World Wide Web (MIETTA)
  • Data Intensive Semantics
  • Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT)
  • Multilingual Content for Flexible Format Internet Premium Services (MEMPHIS)
  • Innovation at the Call-Center (ICC)
  • European Working Group on Discourse and Dialogue (DANDI)
  • Connecting Information and Knowledge in Saarland.de (VIeWs)
  • System for Large Scale Information Extraction (LaSIE)
  • a MUlti-Source Entity finder (MUSE)
  • Proteus
  • Integrated Digital Conference (InDiCo)
  • Information Retrieval and Extraction Exercise (IREX)
  • Cross-Lingual Multi-Agent Retail Comparison (CROSSMARC)
  • Recuperación de Información Textual en un Entorno Multilíngüe con Técnicas de Lenguaje Natural (ITEM)
  • RainbowII
  • Finite-State Automa-based Text Understanding System (Fastus)
  • Collaboration in LAnguage and Speech Science and Technology (CLASS)
  • Knowledge-Based Assistance for Requirements Analysis at Telekom (KARAT)
  • Semi-automatic segmentation and labelling for German (SALA)
  • WWW-based hypertexts for on-line scientific discussion and publication (Workbench)
  • Designing Adaptive Information Extraction from Text for Knowledge Management (DOT.KOM)
  • Technologies for Advanced Knowledge Extraction (TAKE)