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Projects in the field of Language Technology

  • Norwegian Documentation Centre for Language Technology (NORSKDOK)
  • Multilingual and Multimedia Tool on Environment, Town and Country Planning, Building and Architecture (MULETA)
  • Tagging and Sharing Processing Tools and Resources (TagShare)
  • Medienintensive Lehrinhalte in der Computerlinguistik-Ausbildung (MiLCA)
  • Dansk dokumentationscenter (DandokCenter)
  • Kompetenzzentrum Computerlinguistik (KCL)
  • Linguistic Anchoring of Digital Archives (LingAnchor)
  • COntrastive Linguistics and LAnguage Typology in Europe (CoLLaTe)
  • Computational Grammar for Deep Linguistic Processing of Portuguese (GramaXing)
  • Sharing Capability in Localisation and Human Language Technologies (SCALLA)
  • A Cognitive Theory of Graphical Communication
  • Phonetics Beyond the Basics (Phon2)
  • Language Technologies (EUROMAP HOPE)
  • Icelandic Documentation Centre for Language Technology (isldok)
  • Language Technology Documentation Centre in Finland (FiLT)
  • Swedish Language Technology Information Centre (SLATE)
  • Language Archive
  • Icelandic Documentation Centre for Language Technology (Tungutaekni.is)