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Projects in the field of Linguistically Annotated Corpora

  • UAM Spanish Treebank
  • Linguistic Corpora
  • Architecture and Tools for Linguistic Analysis Systems (ATLAS)
  • W3C
  • Source Media Authoring Resources and Tools (SMART)
  • Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for Natural Language Applications (DiET)
  • Dublin-Essex Treebank Project
  • European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO)
  • OrdNet.dk
  • Multext-East
  • Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora (Multext)
  • LinguisTic Interpretation of a GERman Corpus (TIGER)
  • Conversion of Map Task Corpus markup into SGML
  • Visualization and Analysis of a very large real world language corpus (ROPA)
  • Whiteboard
  • The Saarbrücken Lexical Semantics Annotation Project (SALSA)
  • Nordic Termbank Services via Electronic Network (NORDTERM-NET)
  • Natural Interactivity tools engineering (NITE)
  • Corpus Resources and Terminology Extraction (CRATER)
  • Deutsches Referenzkorpus (DEREKO)
  • Data and Annotations for Socio Linguistics (DASL)
  • Representation of Linguistic Corpora
  • Multiword Expression Project (MWE)
  • Part of speech tagging and parsing of the Map Task Corpus
  • Multilingual corpora for cooperation (MLCC)
  • Collaboration in LAnguage and Speech Science and Technology (CLASS)
  • Nederlandse Extensie voor Tekst naar Spraak (NeXTeNS)
  • Tübingen Treebank of Written German