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Projects in the field of Multilingual Corpora

  • International Standardised Terminology for Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (LANGELEC)
  • Network for Euro-Mediterranean LAnguage Resources (NEMLAR)
  • A Web-based Terminology Database for Information Technology/European Forum for Computer Terminology (WEBIT/EFCOT)
  • International Standards for Language Engineering (ISLE)
  • Preparatory Actions for Terminological Assistance to Central and Eastern European Countries (PRACTEAST)
  • Integrated European language data Repository Area (INTERA)
  • Publisher Network (PUBLINET)
  • Balkan WordNet (BALKANET)
  • Network of Regional and International Data Centers (NETWORK-DC)
  • Developing General and Terminological Multilingual Databases to be exploited in the Internet from Translation Dictionaries in Electronic Format (INTERLEX)
  • European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO)
  • Language Grid Project
  • Standardised Multilingual Hydrographic Dictionary (DHYDRO)
  • Multext-East
  • User-oriented handling of multicultural issues in multimedia communications (STF)
  • AIR FOReCast in Europe (AIRFORCE)
  • EuroWordNet
  • GermaNet
  • Corpus Resources and Terminology Extraction (CRATER)
  • International Sample of English Contrastive Texts (INTERSECT)
  • Developing Innovative Network for Terminology (DINT/LEATHER INFOCODE)
  • Trans-European Language Resources Infrastructure - 2 (TELRI-II)
  • Supporting Peripheral Industries with Realistic applications of Internet-based Technologies (SPIRIT)
  • Arabic Translation System and more The Arabic Translingual Research System (ATS)
  • Multilingual Web search service for the medical community (WEBLING)
  • European Corpus Initiative (ECI)
  • Development of a global online network offering localised eLearning content and services in the fashion and clothing sector (eTELESTIA)
  • Minority European Languages Information Network (MELIN)