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Projects in the field of Multilingual Generation

  • Large-Scale Grammar for EC Languages (LS-GRAM)
  • Knowledge-based Machine Translation (KANT)
  • Universal Networking Language (UNL)
  • Structuring Content for Online Publishing Environments (SCOPE)
  • Australian Research Council Projects on multilingual resources (ARC)
  • Mass market E-commerce Services Using Multi-language Natural Spoken Dialogues (SPOTLIGHT)
  • Multilingual Intelligence for Technical Documentation (Multilint)
  • Multilingual Digital Culture (MUDICU)
  • Patient Information Language Localisation System (PILLS)
  • Speech control modules for Entertainment, Navigation and communication Equipment in Cars (SENECA)
  • Developing Multilingual Web-scale Language Technologies (MEANING)
  • Multilingual Personalised Information Objects (M-PIRO)
  • RainbowII
  • VerbMobil GEneration COmponents for stage II (VM-GECO-II)
  • Multilingual Knowledge Based European Electronic Marketplace (MKBEEM)