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Projects in the field of Multimedia Retrieval

  • Threading Information Pathways Through NSDL Video
  • Patient Assessment Training System (PATSy)
  • A Multimodal Multimedia Navigation and Reading System (MULTIREADER)
  • ATM LAN Pilot (ALP)
  • Comprehensive Public Information Services System for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing (COMPASS 2008)
  • European Chronicles On-Line (ECHO)
  • VirtualOffice
  • Pop-Eye
  • Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval (DRUID)
  • aceMedia
  • Scene of Crime Information System (SOCIS)
  • Real user needs on ATM (RUNATM)
  • Multimedia Integrated Conferencing in Europe NSC (MICE)
  • Digital Library Project
  • large-scale multimedia indexing
  • Informedia-I
  • Cross Language Information Retrieval and Organisation of Text and Audio Dokuments (CLARITY)
  • LayLab