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Projects in the field of Ontologies

  • SmartWeb
  • NEWS
  • Knowledge Base for RTD competencies in IST (IST World)
  • Kompetenzzentrum Computerlinguistik (KCL)
  • Semantics Utilised for Process Management within and between Enterprises (SUPER)
  • Resilience for Survivability in IST (ReSIST)
  • Semantic Web Portal Project
  • Next Generation Knowledge Management (VISION)
  • Esperonto
  • Dropping Knowledge (Dropping Knowledge)
  • Context- and Affect-Aware Personal Assistance in Instrumented Environments (SPECTER)
  • Structuring Content for Online Publishing Environments (SCOPE)
  • Language Grid Project
  • Etiquetage Syntaxico-Sémantique : Pertinence Ontologique des Indices Récurrents (ESPOIR)
  • OntoWeb
  • EPOS
  • TheSus
  • Multi-Media Indexing and Searching Environment (MUMIS)
  • OntoWeb SIG5
  • GermaNet
  • Workflow with semi-Automatic meTadata Extraction for fully digital media pRoduction in the NetherLANDs (Waterland)
  • Web based supervisory control and data acquisition (ScadaOnWeb)
  • Business Ontologies for Dynamic Web Environments (BIZON)
  • People and Knowledge Cross-Lingual Information Gathering (PEKING)
  • Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments (SIMILE)
  • WonderWeb
  • Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals (SemIPort)
  • Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT)
  • SDK
  • CoLogNET
  • Semantic Web and Peer-to-Peer (SWAP)
  • Multilingual On-Line Translation (MOLTO)
  • Natural Negation Modeling and Processing (NEXING)
  • Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (SUMO)
  • Connecting Information and Knowledge in Saarland.de (VIeWs)
  • Cross-Lingual Multi-Agent Retail Comparison (CROSSMARC)
  • Translingual Information Management Using Domain Ontologies (TIDES)
  • Augmented Multi-party Intercation (AMI)
  • Semantically-Enabled Knowledge Technologies (SEKT)
  • Semantic Web Enabled Web Services (SWWS)
  • Knowledge Engineering Environment (SIGMA)
  • Designing Adaptive Information Extraction from Text for Knowledge Management (DOT.KOM)
  • MUlti-Industry, Semantic-based Next Generation Business INtelliGence (Musing)