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Projects in the field of Speech Recognition

  • Communicator
  • Speech Driven Interfaces for Consumer Applications (SPEECON)
  • Effective (EARS)
  • Informedia-II
  • HealthDoc
  • Literacy Innovation that Speech Technology ENables (LISTEN)
  • Embodied and Communicating Agents (ECAgents)
  • Openbaar Vervoer Informatie Systeem (OVIS)
  • Automated Multilingual Interaction with Information and Services (AMITIES)
  • Recognition of Speech by Partial Information TEchniques (RESPITE)
  • Enhanced speech recognition using syllable structure (ESPRESSO I)
  • Facilitating Agent for Multicultural Exchange (FAME)
  • The CMU Sphinx Group Open Source Speech Recognition Engines (CMU Sphinx)
  • EVAR
  • Natural Arabic Process Language Understanding System (NAPLUS)
  • Multi-Media Indexing and Searching Environment (MUMIS)
  • Mass market E-commerce Services Using Multi-language Natural Spoken Dialogues (SPOTLIGHT)
  • Speech Driven Multimodal Automatic Directory Assistance (SMADA)
  • Secure Access Front-End (SAFE)
  • Speech in Noisy Environments (SPINE)
  • Virtual Intelligent Co-Driver (VICO)
  • Language Modeling for Speech Recognition
  • HearNet
  • Speech control modules for Entertainment, Navigation and communication Equipment in Cars (SENECA)
  • Consensus transcription system for German Intonation (GToBI)
  • Alert System for Selective Dissemination of Multimedia Information (ALERT)
  • Multilingual access to interactive communication services for the Mediterranean and the Middle East (ORIENTEL)
  • SmartKom
  • A Multimedia Multilingual Teaching and Training System for Speech Handicapped Children (SPECO)
  • Effective Multilingual Interaction in Mobile Environments (EMIME)
  • Fluency
  • Automatic Railway Information Systems for Europe (ARISE)
  • Augmented Multi-party Intercation (AMI)
  • Improving Core Speech Recognition Technology (CORETEX)
  • Rich Transcription Evaluation 2002 (RT-02)
  • ETNA
  • Enhanced speech recognition using syllable structure (ESPRESSO II)
  • Rough'n'Ready
  • Exploiting Recognition Failures in automatic recognition of disfluent speech (ERF)
  • Intonation in dialogue for speech recognition (ID4S)
  • Emotionally Rich Man-machine Intelligent System (ERMIS)
  • Multilingual Subtitling of Multimedia Content (MUSA)
  • A Multilingual Indexing Tool for Broadcast Material Based on Speech Recognition (OLIVE)
  • The European CAller VErification Project (CAVE)
  • Multilingual Subtitle Enabling Receiver (MUSTER)
  • Smart House (iCareRoom)