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Projects in the field of Spoken Language Generation

  • Multilingual and Multimedia Tool on Environment, Town and Country Planning, Building and Architecture (MULETA)
  • A New Framework for Concatenative Synthesis
  • The Festival Speech Synthesis System (Festival)
  • Multilingual Natural Speech Technology (MUNST)
  • Bonn Open Synthesis System (BOSS)
  • HealthDoc
  • Openbaar Vervoer Informatie Systeem (OVIS)
  • EVAR
  • Mass market E-commerce Services Using Multi-language Natural Spoken Dialogues (SPOTLIGHT)
  • Virtual Intelligent Co-Driver (VICO)
  • Speech control modules for Entertainment, Navigation and communication Equipment in Cars (SENECA)
  • Euler
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • SOLE
  • Spoken Dialogue Technology for Second Language Teaching
  • Multilingual access to interactive communication services for the Mediterranean and the Middle East (ORIENTEL)
  • A Multimedia Multilingual Teaching and Training System for Speech Handicapped Children (SPECO)
  • Festvox
  • Multilingual Personalised Information Objects (M-PIRO)
  • Welsh speech database
  • Preparing Future Multisensorial Interaction Research (PF-STAR)