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Projects in the field of Usability And Interface Design

  • Web Site Information Filter (WebSIFT)
  • Virtual Laboratory Developers Tool Kit (VLDTK)
  • Information Engineering Usability Support Centres (INUSE)
  • Requirements Engineering and Specification in Telematics. (RESPECT)
  • Bayerischer Forschungsverbund für Situierung, Individualisierung und Personalisierung in der Mensch-Machine Interaktion (FORSIP)
  • MonoConc
  • Interacting with Eyes (iEYE)
  • Methods and Guidelines for the Assessment of Telematics Application Quality (MEGATAQ)
  • Investigation in the Clinical Setting of the Use of CADetection system for Breast Screening
  • Comprehensive Public Information Services System for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing (COMPASS 2008)
  • Australian Research Council Projects on multilingual resources (ARC)
  • Networked Expertise, Advice and Tuition (NEAT)
  • SpeechDat in Eastern Europe (SPEECHDAT-EAST)
  • Implicit and explicit learning: the effects of learning goals
  • MAGICster
  • An automatic human model animation environment for augmented reality interaction (HUMODAN)
  • Multilingual Access to European Patent databases (ePatent)
  • COnversational Multimodal Interaction with Computers (COMIC)
  • Development of a global online network offering localised eLearning content and services in the fashion and clothing sector (eTELESTIA)
  • Preparing Future Multisensorial Interaction Research (PF-STAR)
  • Talking Heads
  • Minority European Languages Information Network (MELIN)
  • electronic MultilinguAl Tourism Environment (eMATE)